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The theme of IOSTE 2020 is

“Transforming Science & Technology Education to Cultivate Participatory Citizens.”

In the contemporary society, science and technology development continually produces various forms of concerns—not limited to global warming, energy crisis, hazards of new materials, health threats, etc.—to which citizens must constantly respond. STE should prioritize cultivating participatory citizens who are able to promote public debate and dialogue on such societal and global issues, and ultimately willing to take responsible action for the sustainable development. It is time to come up with ideas on how to transform STE to promote citizenship and informed, critical and active participation in democracy through international collaboration in research and practice.


“Transforming Science & Technology Education to Cultivate Participatory Citizens,” concerning:

  • Strand 1Student understanding and learning in STE
  • Strand 2Student motivation and interest in STE
  • Strand 3Teaching science and technology in diverse contexts
  • Strand 4STE for early childhood
  • Strand 5Teacher education and professional development in STE
  • Strand 6Use of educational technology in STE
  • Strand 7Societal and global challenges in STE
  • Strand 8Cultural and historical perspectives on STE
  • Strand 9International partnership with external actors for STE
  • Strand 10Informal education of science and technology
  • Strand 11Citizenship education in STE
  • Strand 12Others