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City of Education

Daegu has a strong passion for education, earning the city’s nickname the “Capital of Korea’s Education.” The city was the cradle of the spiritual culture of the Joseon era (1392-1897) that spanned 500 years and a center of the Yeongnam region that has long been known for abundance of talent. With long-accumulated philosophy and pride in education, Daegu has led the country in well-rounded education and has made efforts to foster and teach members of society to contribute to the community.

High-Tech Medical City

Daegu, Korea’s third largest city with 2.5 million citizens, has established itself as Korea’s leader in the High-tech industry, focused on Medicine and Information technology. Known as the center of Korea’s Healthcare industry, with five medical schools and more than 3,500 clinics, Daegu is home to the government-created Daegu High-tech Medical Cluster, which provides R&D support for cutting-edge drugs and medical devices. As the birthplace of Samsung, the city utilizes its strong Information technology industry to grow next-generation advanced industries including Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), and Future automobiles.

Centerpiece of Korean Traditional Culture

Daegu is full of cultural assets represented by 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites boasting the traditional beauty of Korea. Daegu is thriving today in its role as the national leader built upon a rich cultural heritage. Exciting tour options will be available for all participants..